This is a selection of Dr. Schlappack’s papers

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Homeopathic treatment of radiation-induced itching in breast cancer patients. A prospective observational study. Schlappack O.

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Prognostic significance of liver metastases as first site of generalisation in patients with breast cancer–a retrospective analysis. Baur M, Schlappack O, Havelec L, Wrba F, Dittrich C.

3rd Medical Department with Oncology, Kaiser Franz Josef Hospital, Kundratstrasse 3, A-1100 Vienna.

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A critical consideration of the combined radiochemotherapy of head and neck tumors.
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Abteilung für Onkologie, Universitätsklinik fur Innere Medizin I, Wien.

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Ontario Cancer Institute, University of Toronto, Canada.

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Phase I-II study on weekly administration of pirarubicin in patients with metastatic breast cancer.
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