Virtual Homeopathy

Virtual homeopathy offers the possibility to develop a doctor-patient relationship with a doctor in his private practice over the internet from the familiar surroundings of your home. Break through the boundaries of time and space without walls. Experience online traditionally personalised attention to your concerns.

Worldwide online consultations. Get in touch with Dr. Schlappack, your homeopathic doctor from anywhere. Simply call +43271420074

Following your online homeopathic consultation with Dr. Schlappack you will receive your personal, individually determined homeopathic remedy by courier.

How does online homeopathy work?

Online homeopathy works as follows:

1. you call +43 2714 20074 to make an appointment with Dr. Schlappack

2. you will receive a link for the scheduled online consultation

3. the homeopathic anamnesis will take place at the scheduled online session with Dr. Schlappack

4. you will receive your homeopathic remedy by courier

5. after 3 to 4 weeks, or earlier in cases of acute symptoms, there is an online follow-up consultation

What happens during the online homeopathic follow-up?

After approximately 3 to 4 weeks or earlier in cases of acute symptoms after the administration of the homeopathic remedy, an online follow-up consultation is scheduled. At the follow-up session, the response to the homeopathic treatment is evaluated and, if necessary, it is decided whether a change in the homeopathic treatment might be necessary.

Why do homeopathic online consultations make sense?

1. you can stay in the privacy of your familiar surroundings of your own home, office or hotel room.

2. you can travel, move to another city or country and still keep the homeopath you are familiar with.  

Virtual homeopathic visit

Online homeopathic treatment is as effective for most people as a face-to-face appointment.

How much costs an online homeopathic consultation with Dr. Schlappack?

An online homeopathic consultation with Dr. Schlappack costs 250 USD.